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how did you instlal your dc?

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  • how did you instlal your dc?

    I'm trying to plan my electrical layout for my 30x40 shop. I plan on installing a dust collector as well. the walls are 12'6". should I run the plumbing along the ceiling with connection points to drop a hose? what's the minimum diameter hose for this purpose? the other option I have is to run it along the foundation wall as there's a 4" lip between it and the 2x6 stud that I will be caping. anyone have pics or ideas? I will also be making a storage area at the back with a floor 6' above. I thought of maybe putting the actual dc unit on top. not sure if this is a good idea?


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    Re: how did you instlal your dc?

    A 30' X 40" shop, I'm envious. I wish I could help you on the DC piping, but in my small 20' X 11' shop my Delta 50-760 gets rolled around, if need be, to the different machines. I did visit one guys shop where he had a very effective shop built cyclone mounted high up in a corner and exhausting out through the garage wall, with the 4" DC piping runs along the ceiling . He had high ceilings like you and it seemed to work out good for him.
    Here's a link to a great site for DC info.
    If I remember correctly Bill Penz is a firm believer in using 6" ducting for all the runs, but the site is so chock full of information that its easy to get lost in all the details, i.e. air volume, cfm loss at pipe diameter reduction points and he goes on and on.
    By the way, welcome to the forum. See ya when the dust clears,
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