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Cleaning Resinous Buildup from Table Saw Blade

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    Re: Cleaning Resinous Buildup from Table Saw Blade

    I've used paint remover (because that's what was in the first can I came to) with success. I got the idea from this Forum. Put the blade in the lid of a 5-gallon bucket, pour enough paint remover over it to cover the blade and go have a cup of coffee. Be sure you drink the coffee and not the paint remover although they may taste the same. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, then rub it with a paper towel. It works like gang busters with no apparent bad side effects.

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      Re: Cleaning Resinous Buildup from Table Saw Blade

      Originally posted by Wood_Junkie View Post
      The problem for me with the coffee approach is... I need to drink it!

      Gofor have you had any deterioration or anything with your bearing bits soaking in DNA? E.g. it doesn't affect the bearing lubriation / movement at all?

      I typically spray my router bits with the Bit and Blade cleaner spray from the Boeshield makers. Letting that sit 30 seconds or so is enough to get just about anything off using a brass brush.
      I too drink the coffee, and mine does not taste like paint thinner (at least since I stopped drinking tequila the night before)

      As for soaking the router bits, good point. The only bearing bits I have soaked, I removed the bearings first. (Mainly roundover bits). This has not been a big issue for me because I have a lousy 3/4 hp router, and don't use it much. I am currrently trying to decide on which new one to buy (2 1/4 "HP" i.e. 12 amp range). So, I have not had the occasion to clean too many bearing bits. You are probably right that the DNA would intrude into the sealed bearings and dry them out.

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