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TS3612 vs grizzly G1022ZF

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  • TS3612 vs grizzly G1022ZF

    i am ready to shove my crapsman ts in the dumpster and get something capable of accuracy. my research led me to the ridgid ts3612 and the grizzly g1022zf. obviously several people around here have experience with ridgid ts but does anyone know anything about the grizzly? i own other tools by both companies. any sugestions witch may be a beter saw? how about shop fox fences are they as good as advertised?any advise will be appreciated. thanks

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    I've had my Ridgid TS2412 for almost a year now and I couldn't be happier with it. I added a Her-cu-lift about a month after I got it, because yes my shop is in one car garage too! The set up instructions were clear, and everything went together without any problems. Take the time to READ the instructions, and you will not be disapointed!
    Eastchester, NY


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      I have a strong distaste for reverse engineering. To me it is basically stealing another person's idea.

      I like Ridgid because they didn't copy anyone's pattern although I'm told they did manufacture Sears for a number of years.

      If you really look at Ridgid's design you will see they incorporated a number of interesting improvements not found in Delta or Delta look alikes.

      As for the Shop Fox fence, again it's probably as good as the original.

      In my opinion if you want cutting edge (no pun intended) you have to be willing to pay the inovator. If you don't expect improvement and refinement then any copy will do.
      Rev Ed