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    Re: Heater for garage

    Originally posted by DaveD View Post
    I installed a Dayton 220v heater that hangs from the ceiling of my insulated, detached 2 car garage. I;m totally happy with it-works very well. I think it was around $300.00. I already had a 220 line out to the garage for a large compressor but it still cost me another $400.00 (electrician)to hook it up.
    Over the years I've used several methods of heating - mostly to cure epoxy on a couple of boats I was building. It required heating the garage to about 60 or better for about a day at a time.
    -small electric 1500w radiator types using several seemed to get the job done
    -Kerosene (kills your lungs - pita to refill)
    -small propane radiant and salamander - heats well but co problem and also puts a lot of "liguid" into the air - you need lots of ventilation which defeats the purpose.
    Haven't yet figured the cost to run it. Will do that this winter. I've just connected the house to 2 garage walls with a family room addition so heating the garage will be easier this year

    Thanks Dave,
    Im thinking about going electric. I have a 220 outlet from my dryer that I may use since dryer runs off of 110. I have one 1500 watt radiator style and it doesnt work very well but I can feela bit different.It was something I have had for a long time.It draws alot of power and has tripped my GFI in garage a few times. Im working on getting 90 amps more in there this week.
    Thanks for your advice.


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      Re: Heater for garage

      I have a 20x24 well insulated shop with eight foot ceilings. I take the initial chill off with a propane salamander. Once the shop is up to temperature I use an Eden Pure quartz heater I found in an advertisement, I think, in American Woodworker magazine. As I recall it was about $400.00. I plug it into a 120 wall outlet and let it do its thing. The heater does a good job of heating the shop.

      The down side to my arrangement is that a byproduct of burning propane is water vapor. I try to keep the propane use to a minimum, 15-20 minutes, so I don't have to fight the rust. There was a tragic, accidental loss of life in my area the result of a faulty furnace installation so I bought a plug-in-the- wall CO2 monitor.


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        Re: Heater for garage

        I bought a forced air hot water powered type unit at an auction to install in my old shop and never did..its sitting out in the garage here an wont be used..its huge


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          Re: Heater for garage

          Something I have been thinking about adding this winter. I found at Menards a ceiling fan that has a heater built into it. I my garage I have 2 lights, one above each car. I want to replace the lights with the heater fans and that should keep me warm and keep the heaters off the ground. It should also help when I have to work in the summer heat, just turn on the fans.