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  • What Good is Lexan

    I recently came across a relatively renewable source of various sizes of Lexan. For those who are not aware, Lexan is a kind of plastic. The stuff I found a source for is clear.

    Oh yes, and the best part is it is free. The stuff is miscut parts, waste, etc, from a place that uses the stuff. The pieces will come on average around 8-12 inches by 14-16 inches.

    My question is simple. What good is Lexan to a woodworker? Can it be used in router tables, shop jigs, or what?

    Or are there many useful end product uses of the stuff - as in woodworking creations.

    I would be willing to hook some folks up with some of the stuff, if anyone is interested.

    Just curious... [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    For anyone building their own router table, a small piece of Lexan mounted out and away from the router bit (on two horizontal posts and attached to the top of the fence) will act as a shield that is clear so as to not obscure your view of the work. I'm sure that a lot of router buffs on this site will be beating a path to your door!

    Chris Berg


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      It makes great router bases. Considering your questions on routers and lexan, you will probably find this site helpful. Pat is a member of a number of the woodworking sites and a well known expert on the router.
      pat warner

      Bob R