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  • opinions on JP0610

    I’m contemplating the purchase of a jointer and was wondering if anyone was offering any opinions on the JP0610, good, bad or indifferent. Does anyone have any experience with this model and/or comparable models offered by Jet, Delta or Grizzly? Thus far my limited collection of stationary tools consists of a TS2424 and a TP1300, both in which I am completely satisfied, as they have performed quite admirably so far. Although I’ve found the Rigid tools I currently own to be an excellent value, I’m skeptical about accumulating an entire workshop of the same brand tools. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I've had the Ridgid jointer a little over a year and have had no problems with the operation of it. The only difficulty I had was finding a way to make it portable since there are no mobile carts made for it. I built one from the Delta kit where they furnish the hardware and you furnish the wood.

    I have mostly Delta tools (TS, RAS, BS, planner, OSS, DP, etc.), but I saw it at HD and thought it looked solid and was priced about right. I had to adjust the outfeed table when I first got it, but haven't needed to make any tuning adjustments since.

    I'm sure any of the brands you named would also perform quite well. The Delta and Jet probably cost more and the Grizzly would probably cost less. At one time, Delta had a problem with their fence (which was one of the reasons I didn't get the Delta), but that problem no longer exists.

    Hope this helps with your decision,

    Bob R


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      I've had the JP0610 for about 6 months and I am very happy with it. I also looked at the jointers from Delta and Jet but, I was so happy with my TS2412 that I figured it would perform just as well. And it does! I think it's the best 6" jointer available right now. Just my 2 cents.
      Eastchester, NY


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        I went through the same cross-brand shopping and comparisons. I decided on the 610 and have not one regretted the decision. My brother has a Delta Professional 6" jointer, and I feel that the Ridgid is as nice or better. Fit and finish is as fine as you will find on any tool. Instructions are excellent. Setup out of the box was spot on. You can't go wrong with the Ridgid jointer IMHO.

        Good Luck,