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  • TS3650 dado insert

    Has anyone bought the dado insert from hd and with the 4 allen screws extended all the way it is still sitting below the surface or is just me

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    Mine fits tight and flush-extended screws only part way and some room to work with remaining. Sounds odd - I guess you could add longer screws if required or just take the thing back and have them setup on floor model and see for themselves!

    Are you sure it's even the correct insert? Bizarre - let us know what deal is


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      I ran into the same problem. The answer is you have the wrong insert. The package says "all ridgid saws", but that is not including the 3650. All the HD's in my area donot carry the correct insert. Let me know if and when you find the correct one.


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        This is my first post and I am slowly learning woodworking. A table saw has been my first major power tool purchase.

        I tried to find the dado insert through HD, but have had no luck. I called Ridgid parts yesterday and was told that the TS3650 was so new they did not even have a parts list. The lady did not offer any estimate of when or how I could get accessories but said if I could give her the correct part number she would try to get me one. This saw has been out for several months and the manual I find on this site only gives the SKU number for several accessories. It is surprising to me that this would be an issue. So I came to this forum to see if this was a widespread problem and whether the insert for previous models would fit, and found this thread.

        The saw is in my garage still in the box where it has been since I bought it at the recent HD 20% off sale. It is unassembled because I am considering returning it unopened. If Ridgid or HD can't supply parts I am unsure whether I will be able to get it repaired with or without their lietime warranty. It was a great buy, and I am hopeful that it would be a great saw, but I am now thinking that it may have been too good a buy.

        Is it unusual for manufacturers to introduce a tool without availability of parts/accessories? Does Ridgid have a history of quickly providing parts for new lines of tools, so at least I could safely assume that they will soon become available. Are dado inserts interchangeable between brands?


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          I also purchased a ridgid table saw, but at full Price! You will find that the assembly takes a while. It took me 15 hours being a perfectionist that I am. It's the alignment that I was finiky with. The saw seems solid and well designed. The only problem that I see is in the turn on/off switch. I like to be able to turn it off without removeing my hands from my project. I spoke with an other owner who has modified his saw with a knee shut off arangement that he says works well so I will try that. The attatchment you are looking for is universal and is referenced in the owners manual only as a 8 inch model? Check woodwookers magazines for a suitable unit.
          Ridgid has always been slow when it comes to adding items to a new line of products. I would consider being patient with this new line of woodworking tools they have out. I believe things will improve, abot slowley. My experience with customer service has been poor. It seems I always reach the same person (Female) who seems less than helpful. I think a few letters to the CEO might correct that situation. If not, No More Ridgid woodworking tools for me. Hope this helps.


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            With regard to parts, I have been waiting 3 months for a replacement handle for my MSUV (Miter Saw Utility Vehicle), just fired off another (the third) email the other day which I cc'd to HD and to Emerson letting them know too.
            HD wrote me back saying they will do what they can and will follow up on it, haven't heard yet from Ridgid/OWT but it is the holidays.

            The dado insert for the TS3650 is a different part number than the other saws, I found p/n AC1040 & AC1045 listed in the manual (pg 76).

            I too was amazed at the lack of accessories for the saw. I am looking at some of the Craftsman accessories and if nothing shows up from Ridgid soon will buy those that will work with my saw.


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              you can make your own zero clearance dado insert out of 1/2" hardwood in an hour or two. Just use the stock insert as a template.
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                I know that powermatic has lifetime warranty right now, and I think Jet has same warranty. If that is really important to you, might want to check these out. I know that these companies have longstanding histories of great customer service and parts & accessories for all their equiptment is readily available.

                I don't know if the warranty is a promotional thing or permanent. If it's important to you, I'd try to come to come conclusion in a timely manner. My business cap says they can't keep this warranty as permanent thing. But who knows.

                Happy new year



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                  I bought the sears insert which is the same opening/front hold down screw slot but you will have to add longer set screws. The rear also does not have the tang out the back which you could add if you want to.
                  The manual for some reason says not to use a zero clearance type of plate for dado use.


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                    Originally posted by Andrew Benedetto:
                    The manual for some reason says not to use a zero clearance type of plate for dado use.
                    I noticed this too, and was pretty puzzled by it. Everything I have read up to this point has said that using a zero clearance insert with a dado gives the best results. Anyone know why they would say this?


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                      Andrew Benedetto

                      Thank you for your tip regarding the Sears insert. The Sears site lists several for 10" saws. Could you supply the number of the one you are using? Also, do you recall the size of the set screw you used. It is interesting that Ridgid's manual states "Warning, use only accessories recommended for this saw. Using other accessories may be dangerous". If I owned Ridgid and that is true, I think I would make a real effort to supply the accessory.


                      If I decide against keeping my Ridgid saw I will look at Jet and Powermatic. Thanks.


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                        Regardless of what ts one uses I agree with Lorax - just make your own. Very easy to do, and cut several extra for different blades,jigs, whatever. You may not need them all immediately but you will find need and use them with time.
                        I'm actually quite surprised they manufacture them at all - never could ever find the right one for my old craftsman due to the model and numerous ones they had. Even SO'd one after they "assured" me it was "the one" and nope....and that was years ago, since then they've added another zillion models at Craftsamn I think.
                        If you don't have a BS a jigsaw can work too. Maybe a bit more sanding but easy enough. And you can make 3-4 for price of one from retailer.
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                          I too am somewhat puzzled as to why they do not recommend the ZCI for Dados. I presume that it is because the ZCI is plastic and the hole you make with the dado could be quite large, so maybe the structural integrity is not there. I guess it only takes one ZCI to shatter to put that in the owners manual! I took their advice and used the Dado insert that was included with my 2424. I don't think that my dado insert will fit the 3650.
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                            Originally posted by 'olCrookedCut:
                            I too am somewhat puzzled as to why they do not recommend the ZCI for Dados. I presume that it is because the ZCI is plastic and the hole you make with the dado could be quite large, so maybe the structural integrity is not there. I guess it only takes one ZCI to shatter to put that in the owners manual! I took their advice and used the Dado insert that was included with my 2424. I don't think that my dado insert will fit the 3650.
                            It's a pretty thick piece-with all the plastic products out there used for router bases, etc I'd think there many that would be hassle free and safe.The opening on some for those real big cutters is more than what we talking here. Hardwood is easy enough to use also.
                            Could this be what they call print "legalese" as way to many attorneys on this planet starving


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                              May I ask some questions? I want to learn woodworking. I have been reading books about it. I decided to buy a table saw first, because I have read, repeatedly, that the table saw is the most versatile and useful tool to have. I would like to learn how to make joints and I understand that a dado is used in making many joints. The book I have on table saws is Table Saw Workshop Bench Reference by Roger Cliffe. It is my intention to follow the book in learning. It states "Special throat plates or inserts are used with all dado heads. The blade throat plate has too small an opening for the dado head. Never operate a table saw without a special throat plate in place." It also mentions to be sure the dado head must not touch the throat plate, if it does it is the wrong plate and to consult the manufacturers specifications. (I am not sure if that means the ts manufacturer or the dado head manufacturer.)

                              I had just assumed therefore that there were dado throat plates made and readily available for table saws. Since there is not a dado insert for a TS3650 I understand that I will need to make one. Reference is made on this site and elsewhere to make a zero clearance insert. I am really not sure exactly what this is or how it works. My book does not mention it.

                              I have gathered that the throat plate that comes with the table saw is removed and the Zero clearance insert is put in its place. Then the saw, mounted with the dado head, is slowly raised to cut through the zero clearance insert, leaving a slot the same size as the dado head cut.

                              Is this a correct description of a zero clearance insert?

                              If so, I assume that one would need to be made for every width of dado that is cut. Is this correct?

                              I note that there are dado inserts available from other manufacturer's table saws but not in various widths. If you use those inserts I assume that the dado insert will fit the widest dado and there will be a gap around narrower dado set ups. Correct? If so, it must be oaky to have a gap around the dado head so why not just remove the throat plate, mount the dado head, and use it without any insert?

                              It seems like there would be alot of upward force exerted when the slot is cut into the zero clearance insert and the insert would fly out unless bolted in. What am I missing?

                              Anyway, I hate to sound dense, but I don't know anybody who does woodwork to ask my question to.