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  • Dado ?

    I 'Am making a 90 Crosscut Sled My question is i need to make a couple of cuts with a dado and do i need to get a different THROAT Plate for the Dado

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    Re: Dado ?

    A dado insert would be best, and it'll come in handy for future use, The stock insert has too small an opening for anything but the narrowest dado, and using no insert can be on the dangerous side. You can make a blank with a custom cutout or buy a dado insert.


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      Re: Dado ?

      If you're interested in buying a ZCI for everyday usage, Lee Valley makes an excellent one. You can buy them directly from their site,51225&ap=1

      Or, through Amazon you can get LeeCraft which is also excellent (sometimes you can get these at a sale price)

      Once you have a ZCI with your standard blade, you'll never put that stinky orange stock insert back!

      For dado purposes I personally prefer a homemade one, or these from Peachtree (
      They're UHMW material and fairly cheap, which means you can have an insert for various dado widths. Otherwise, make them out of plywood, using the stock ZCI as a template.


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        Re: Dado ?

        ZCIs are simple to make and I usually make a couple at a time, just so I can have one for different size dados and specialty uses. You might want to buy one just to see how they're constructed, but otherwise, learn to make them yourself, you'll never look back.


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          Re: Dado ?

          While you are at it, consider putting a removable panel down the center of your sled, so you can change it for dados or cross cuts, and can be changed using full kerf/thin kerf. Just make it wide enough so the screws that hold it are not in the line of cut for either full width dado or just the blade. If you have any doubt about a screw hitting, use brass.

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            Re: Dado ?

            Here are instructions along with a video on making your own Zero Clearance Inserts courtesy of:

            Woodsmith Magazine



            Rockler Woodworking:


            There are other threads on a number of forums, including this one, for additional instruction.

            Good Luck!
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