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Species and grade question

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  • Species and grade question

    Looking for a decent wood for my exterior porch floor. I got a quote on white oak for 3.80 a square foot. Fully machined T&G, relieved on the underside, and its full lengths like I need. (8's and 9's)

    That was more than I wanted to spend but its probably a real fair price.

    I can outsource 4/4 Cypress for 4.50 a board foot and have it machined for about 60 cents a lineal from the same shop who quoted me the oak. His opinion was, the grade of the Cypress I was getting wasnt very good, and that I wouldnt be gaining anything by choosing the Cypress.

    I know nothing at all about grade quality. Is there anything I should look for? has all their hardwood products at a lumberyard that is 10 minutes from me. They have a big selection of domestics and exotics. I just dont know what the heck I am looking at.

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    Re: Species and grade question

    Somewhere stored away I have a book that was put out by the US forest service back in the 50's.Sorry no idea its title etc but it had specs on all species of wood in the world, woods the grading system the usages the toxicity of etc..big green covered paper back book..maybe look on ebay or a used bookstore place for a copy


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      Re: Species and grade question

      Check here for all grading info

      IPE is very nice for deck but you are into around $4.50/linear foot for 5/4" X 6"

      Good info here comparing cedar, PT and IPE