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  • TS2424 aux fence

    Jake what size square head bolts do I need to attch(sp)my aux fence? Where can I find the parts on ? thanks
    Andy B.

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    you can attach extra fences/jigs to a 3612 fence by using standard 1/4 -20 bolts slid into the T-trak. I just picked up some hex head female bolts (flad head that needs to be countersunk into the wood.) from Woodcraft to attach to the 1/4" bolts from the outside of the jig/fence.


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      Thanks mike!

      I tried that tip it works but the head of the bolt wants to spin . So it needs to be squrae head bolts.
      Andy B.


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        You may want to check the size of bolts you have. I use 1/4 - 20 and have no problems ever in the t track.


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          Others have suggested using toilet hold-down bolts and that seems to make great sense as they are brass and easy to cut to desired length. I have seen them in a fiber glass type product at my local hardware store also. These materials would be interesting if you were to make any fixtures that could come in contact with a blade or router bit. The hex head bolts most of us are talking about are the standard hex head, not the allen or female type hex. The closet or toilet bolts have two flats and rounded ends and should work great.

          The 2424 and 3612 saws I bought had square-head bolts in the package for this purpose. If you did not receive them I would guess that Ridgid would make it right if you bought it new. Enjoy!


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            I'm thinking it's part #22
            Andy B.


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              Andy, if you are trying to attach your rails to the saw, those would be the correct bolts. However, they are too long to connect a jig to your sliding fence. They are 1" bolts which are too long unless you double up on the material.

              If you are using the bolts for the sliding fence, standard 1/4-20 hex head bolts work fine. Use the hex head bolts in teh aluminum track and fasten them by using the female end in the jig (hex drive) I've included a link to a Woodcraft page...It's the fastener marked "C"


              They also sell T-slot bolts that fit the 1/4 -20 thread. I would include the page addresses, but they are about a hundred letters/numbers long.


              [ 02-17-2003, 04:12 PM: Message edited by: Mike3206 ]


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                ok i see Thanks
                Andy B.


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                  I checked the manual for you the other day and I also came up with part #22. I did not post because I am not positive and do not want to give you the wrong info. There should have been a bag of misc parts that came with the saw. In the bag, there should be 3 bolts w/ nuts and washers for the aux fence.

                  I plan to visit my saw (and other tools) next weekend (200 mi away). I can measure them for you if you do not have this resolved by then.


                  [ 02-17-2003, 04:28 PM: Message edited by: Rob C ]


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                    The nylon closet bolts is about one of the best ideas I have ever heard. Can anyone verify whether they fit?

                    I've got to make a run to Big Orange this afternoon. I think I'll grab a pack and try it out. Even if they are too wide across the flats of the head, it would be trivial to trim them w/ a utility knife or sandpaper.