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Holiday Gifts???

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  • Holiday Gifts???

    I've had my eye out for something to make for holiday gifts. Last year I used the 3-hardwood cutting board from Wood Magazine, but have not seen anything quite so nice/small/easy lately. Other years I've done candle holders, desk clocks, etc. Have you guys done anything like this?


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    Re: Holiday Gifts???

    How about some nice wood bookends or paper towel holders? Either of those would be easy, maybe too easy.
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      Re: Holiday Gifts???

      The November issue of Wood magazine has an article on Kaleidoscopic Key Chains. They are made of scrap hardwood and look easy to whip up a batch.


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        Re: Holiday Gifts???

        Who is the gift/gifts for, Man, Woman, Teen Boy, Teen Girl, Baby Boy, Baby Girl.
        More then 1 person, we can all give you a better idea if we new of the age and sex.

        Rocking horse, made out of 2x4" and 6" and 8"s are a cool gift for a toddler...

        Wife, jewelry boxes are cool.....

        I've got about 50 site on free woodworking projects in my favorites, if you want some links, I could help you out there too....
        Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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