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    I am interested in making some wooden pens for some friends at Christmas. I have never done this before and really don't know what I may be getting into. Has anyone out there made these before and are there some "all inclusive" pen kits available? I don't know if there are any special tools needed to make these. I can't really imagine that there is but you never know. Also, are there refills readily available for these like the Cross pens?

    Any help or advice that you guys may have would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Wooden Pens

    I'm keeping my eye on this thread. I always wondered how they made pens. its not like you use a lathe do you?


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      Re: Wooden Pens

      They had this show on "How It's Made" on how they make wooden pens with different color wood types and stuff like that. Very interesting show.

      Might wanna check it out and see if you can find the show, they use lathes and turn the pens, for different color grains, they use mutiple color wood and glue them toghether before they turn it into a pen.

      Ok then, looks like it may be season 4, episode 1
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        Re: Wooden Pens

        One major thing that comes to mind for pens (besides a lathe) is you really need a drill press to drill out the pen blank for the brass barrel insert. You'll need to then be able to "press" the barrel inserts into the blanks, and a way to then true up the ends absolutely flat once the brass is inserted.

        A lathe is just about required as far as I know. Keep in mind that I don't make pens, since I don't have a lathe, but I've watched others make them.
        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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          Re: Wooden Pens

          Here's a tutorial by PaPaDan...

          Pen Turning

          Lot's of great information on his site.


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            Re: Wooden Pens

            here is a site that Dan and others do a lot of pen making

            My seek the peek fundraiser page


            new work pictures 12/09