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  • Discounts in Canada

    Hi guys:

    Just wondering if anyone in Canada has seen any discounts on ridgid woodworking tools.
    Here in Ottawa the 13" planer dropped from $629. to $599. to match Delta's tool.
    I'm hoping for a discount in the 6" jp0610 jointer/planer. Anyone seen one reduced?


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    Hey Tonka!

    I wondered about the same thing (I'm in the Brampton area). I've seen the Rigid Band Saw down about $50 (CDN) in the last month. Regarding discounts, I was asking one of the senior tool brib supervisors in the Brampton / Mississauga region about discounts and right off the bat he offered me a 10 % discount. The store was not running any specials at the time either. I think a lot has to do with their own discretion and perhaps how much they know you and see you buying product. Any comments from either North or South of the border?
    Chris Berg


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      Hi Guys
      I am in the Mississauga area and haven't seen any discounts of late. I am waiting for the 10% discount they had before for turning in old power tools. I still have a couple that I haven't thrown out yet.