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    I work in a micro-shop environment. 14' x 9' corner of garage. Pics taken after I'd assembled DC, before woodcuttin' began. But with DC+vac+painted floor, with 2-3 min cleanup at end of each session, in a micro space, this is what you get!
    If I add a seperator at the moment, I'll lose another 15% of my floor space. Also haven't seen the necessity yet, since that bag holds about 3-4 weeks worth of chips/dust. And I bought 8 of them!!

    Longest run to TS presently 20' horizontal. 12" impellers would be necessary if I expanded, as I plan to do, into next car bay, and have to run verticals, then I'll have 1-2 35' runs. Same time will switch to 6" pipe.

    You'll notice on bottom of pegboard my ear muffs. Haven't used them since switching from vac to DC. Probably only about 6-10db difference, but of course DC's induction motor much lower frequency than screaming vacs universal, that's the real benefit. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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      Fine Woodworking magazine's Annual "Tools and Shops" Issue (on sale now) reviews 9 portable planers and gives it a very high rating for mid priced planer. It was the quietest overall, fastest blade change at only 5 minutes, comes with stand, extra set of knives and a dust collection hood. "Cutter head lock reduces snipe to nearly zero" Has 4" and shop vac dust ports. They had nothing bad to say about it.
      Good luck!
      Rich from Raleigh


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        "..never been able to justify the cost, since it's just for hobby use."

        That's the beauty of a hobby; you don't HAVE to justify $$ like you would for a business.

        Seriously, while I don't have this particular planer, I have seen many, many posts regarding it and they are almost all quite positive. And, having a planer in general opens up a world of possibilities.

        Good luck and have fun.



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          I own the TP1300 and have been very satisfied with it. The locking cutter headers help reduce snipe. I have only seen snipe in long peices that I did not support properly. I have tried planing 12.5" hardwood panels with it and it does not bog down. It produces a very nice smooth finish.

          I also considered the Delta 2 speed planer, but settled on the Ridgid. For myself, I didn't think the two speed feature would be necessary. Plus, the ridgid came with the stand and dust collection attachement. These were extra on the Delta.

          I have mine connected to a dust collector which almost completely eliminates dust/shavings from getting on my shop floor. I have not tried a shop vac with mine, but you might be able to get something to work by rigging up a two stage system where the larger chips fall into a trash can. It would be better than letting all the debris hit the floor [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            I have a TP1300 and have had excellent results from it. I shopped for a planer for over a year and found the TP1300 to be the only one I could find with the adjusting crank on the side instead of the top. Due to an injured shoulder this makes all the difference in the world to me.