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  • dp1550 and fliptop

    Does any one know how to get a hold of a dp1550 or a flip top? I have been to 3 hd in the Kansas City Kansas area and no one knows what a flip top is. They also do not know what the difference is between the dp1500 and the dp1550. I have talked to customer service and they said that they do not know what they are and cannot order them. Also Jake do you know who the ridgid rep is in Kansas. A manger at hd has gave him my name and number twice to get in touch with me.

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    Go the Special Order Desk. Have them call Ridgid and get the Ridgid Part #. They can special order the new one direct, but they have to have the Ridgid #. The lady at Ridgid told me that since the SKU was the same, HD is still using that number to order new ones. Well, either the cross-reference at Ridgid doesn't work, or HD uses a bad #. Either way, as the lasy at Ridgid said, when they are ordered, Ridgid doesn't find the # and instead of checking it out, they just cross it off the order (according to Ridgid). Ordered on Monday, had it on Friday. Same $297 as the old. You'll be glad you waited.


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      You've got mail.



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        Thank you Cut and Jake,

        Your rep called me and said that a new hd has both but it is about 1 to 1 1/2 hr out. At least I will get to try it before I buy it.