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    I finally made this choice after many reviews and soul searching. I spent a full day assembling it, tweaking it, waxing it ( i'm a fussy old ___with my equipment ) Let me say that I am impressed. Everything fit perfectly and required a minimal amount of fine tuning. My question to you...can anyone direct me to a dust fitting that will allow me to go from the shop vac size of the saw to my Jet 4" collector system ? I jury rigged something from an old shop vac hose and a bunch of misc. fittings, but, I'm not real pleased with it. ( remember...I'm fussy ). I've looked in the w/w catalogs, but I can't seem to find the correct i.d./o.d. combination.
    I love this forum...very informative... Thank You !!!

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    Re: New Ts3650

    I have the thing on this page: called shop vac adapter. It fits into the TS dust port, but only loosely. It required a layer of tape around it to give a snug fit.


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      Re: New Ts3650

      Look in the plumbing department at Home Depot for a Fernco coupling that will fit the od/id combination you're looking for. If you're not familiar with these couplings, they're a rubber boot with a radiator clamp on each end.

      Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new saw.
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