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Dado Blades for TS2400LS Portable Table Saw

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  • Dado Blades for TS2400LS Portable Table Saw

    Just picked up the TS2400 Table saw and I'm looking for dado blades to do a fair bit of tenon work on some mahogany - about 26 window sashes.

    Will the TS2400 take dado blades?

    What size is best - 6", 8" and why?

    I've seen two types - one with the 2-bit chipper and another with the 4-bit chipper by Delta (formerly DeWalt). Which type is better?

    There's a tenoning jig that fits into the mitre guide slot which cuts a tenon without dado blades. This requires two cuts but doesn't involve installing the sacrificial fence, dado blades, etc. There are threaded bolts for fine adjustments. Only drawback I can see is the kickback if you put the blade between the clamp and the vertical edge. Anyone have any experience with this type of jig?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Bob M.
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    Re: Dado Blades for TS2400LS Portable Table Saw

    Pages 33 and 34 of your Owners Manual cover the subject of making dado cuts with the TS2400. Unless you plan on making deep dados or tenons a 6" dado set would be the route I'd suggest. A 6" set will be much easier for your saw's motor to spin than an 8" set.
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      Re: Dado Blades for TS2400LS Portable Table Saw

      I use a tenoning jig like you are showing all the time. I always cut the wood on the outside so the scrap is not against the vertical steel plate. Once it is cut, I turn the wood 180 degrees and cut it again the same way. This is the safe way and has the advantage that the tenon is always perfectly centered.

      I have never experienced any kickback using this jig.
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        Re: Dado Blades for TS2400LS Portable Table Saw

        If all else is equal, more teeth will make a smoother cut, so the 4-tooth chipper models tend to have an advantage of those with 2-tooth chippers. Emphasis on the first 5 words of the above statement...

        I was really happy with my DeWalt (Delta) 7670 set. I recently stumbled into a great deal on Systimatic Superfine dado, but I haven't tried it yet...