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Caring for my new TS3612

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  • Caring for my new TS3612

    I recently puchased a TS3612, and I really love it. I want to do everything possible to maintain it. I've read about using Eagle paste wax on the top. Has anyone used a product from CRC called TableGuard? It's made for cast iron tool surfaces. I'd also like to know what needs to be lubricated and the best lubricant to use.
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    I don't have the 3612 got the 2424. Anyway same difference. As far as the top goes I have had good results with WD-40 and Johnson's paste wax. I know there are other products out there but I don't have any rust or other nasties on my top so something is working right. As far as lubrication for the saw about the only thing to watch are the threaded rods for the bevel and height adjustments. Clean them regularly and shoot a little white lithium grease on them. That's what I do. Have fun.

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      I also use spray lithium grease on the threads of the saw adjustment rods as well as the occasionally loud A/C pulley on my very well on door latch moving parts (I have classics in the driveway).

      The lithium grease makes them slide very nicely for a very long time.
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