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    I am shopping for a table saw. I have been doing some research, and the 2424 seems to be a good value.

    A couple questions:

    Do I need the extra 12" the 2424 provides over the 2412?

    Any feedback from a 2424 user?

    Recomendations or warnings?

    I am somewhat of a beginner- I have been doing homeowner/ranch type projects, but want to get more serious about woodworking.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sayhey, this is a cut & paste reply I made on another forum a few days ago. Sorry for being lazy, but thats alot to type. So here goes:
    I just got this saw a few months ago and am very pleased with it. I had a vibration problem with it at first. Called tech support and was told to just use it a little and it would "work itself out". "Yeah, right" I said, "send me a new belt at least." Lo & behold, after using it for about a total of 15 more minutes, it did work itself out. My apologies to Ridgid tech support. And I now have a spare belt.
    Here's a few of the reasons why I went with the TS2424 after alot of research of all my options:
    1) Built in mobile base: a major selling point for me, everything has to go against the wall so 2 cars can fit in the garage. Sure, you can readily buy mobile bases for any saw, but this one is very conveniently foot activated and I knew (me, being me) every time I had to bend down to stabilize any other one, I would think of how great the Ridgid one would be.
    2) Storage hooks for the mitre gauge and rip fence: I find myself using these all the time for their intended purpose. Quite convenient.
    3) Belt & pulley system: Usually this belt and pullies are considered an upgrade on other saws. After my saw "worked itself out" it runs very smoothly.
    4) You can download the TS2424 manual from Ridgid's website: I liked being able to see what I was getting into as far as ease of ajustability and written support.
    All in all, to some people these might be petty things to consider for a major purchase, but all the major brands are so close, for me it was "pick a color", and Ridgid offered the biggest bang for the buck. I could have bought better belts, pullies, mobile base and storage hooks for another saw, but it was included on the TS2424.
    No, I don't have any stock in Emerson
    2 more things: It's how you set the saw up that matters most (and the TS2424 makes that very easy); and everybody you ask has the best brand around.

    Now for some of your other ?'s.
    As for the extra fence capacity of the 2424: Since the 2424 (& 2412) is a left tilt saw, I don't forsee myself using the rip fence to the left of the blade. However I found myself, on a recent project, wanting way more than 24" to the right. So I modified my fence rails so that I now have (I don't even know how much to the left) and a little more than 36" to the right. Might not be too kosher with the Ridgid folks, seeing as how they offer bacically the same thing in an "upgrade" fence for $150, but that's what I did. Works great!
    I never really considered the 2412 (or any other brand with steel extension wings)because those steel wings always seemed so flimsy. I didn't like the idea of grabbing the end and having it bend. Might be more psychological than practical, but that's just me.
    As you can tell, I am now a big champion for the TS2424. I just can't imagine paying hundreds more for other brands and getting less features. Ther TS2424 offers a very good value in my opinion.



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      Thanks Chad!

      I agree with your comment- they all seem so similar in many ways! It makes for s difficult purchase decision.



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        sayhey, sounds like your table saw usage is about the same as mine. I have an older Craftsman saw (almost 20 years old) which is a dead ringer for the TS2424. If I had to replace my saw today I think that the TS2424 would be at the top of the list, I have no complaints with the actual saw operation and the service my saw has given me, if the TS2424 is anywhere near my saw I would not hesitate to purchase it, however......
        Last year I purchased a Biesmeyer fence system for my saw. WOW!!! This has to be one of the single best investments I've every made. After years of verifing that the fence alignment was straight on every cut I ever made, it is unbelievable how much more fun using the table saw now is. I have constantly been checking out Sears, and now Ridgid to see if they have ever done anything to improve there respective fence systems, (prior to purchasing the Biesmeyer fence system), and I'm sorry to report they both have fences that in my opinion are no better than my original simple yet pain in the butt fence. Biesmeyer does sell there fence system for Ridgid so this is an option, however by the time you purchase the saw and the fence your pushing $900-$1,000.00. Now you can almost justify a Delta, which comes with the uni-fence which operates on the same principle as the Biesmeyer.
        Now one other thought, maybe Ridgid should offer there saw less fence for those that wish to purchase an after market fence.

        CHAD-- When you have an extra $30.00 you want to spend, locate and pick-up a link belt, you will not believe how much quiter and smoother your saw will run, second best improvement to my saw I made last year.

        sayhey good luck on your purchase, I know I would not want to have to make a choice today.

        It\'s not the quantity or quality of your tools that matters....<br />It\'s all in the firewood that\'s left over.....


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          I just wanted to echo what ccj1992 said about set up of your saw. I took a good 2 afternoons to set up and adjust my new saw. I just purchased a 2424 and so far am very pleased. I took the extra care to make sure that every alignment was perfect as I set up, checked and reckecked the assembly and alignment of the blade, rails, fence, scales etc. DON'T SKIP any steps...they're all important and all affect how your saw will perform. I did a lot of comparison shopping for my saw and went with the Ridgid. When features were equal among saws I found that the lifetime warranty often tipped me toward the Ridgid. Good Luck!
          - Tim


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            Thanks again to everyone for your feedback.

            I have purchased a saw- after MUCH research. I bought the Powermatic 10" Artisan with the 50" fence for 789 (739 after rebate). This included a nice carbide blade.

            The main reasons for my purchase:
            1. I like the 50" fence for sheet stock
            2. it is left tilt blade- better and safer
            3. It has a biesmeyer-type fence-very nice
            4. Lots of little quality touches, heavy duty, etc.

            It went together in about 4-5 hours, I took my time and enjoyed it. Every piece fit pefectly, I was very impressed.

            The other saws I considered: Ridgid, Jet, Delta. (Jet and Powermatic are owned by the same company, but in my opinion, the Jet was not quite as nice, at about the same price)

            Good luck everyone with your future purchases.