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  • Dilema

    Greetings all,

    I posted a week or so ago regarding the TS2424 saw. Based on the information I got from those replies and others, I was going to purchase the Ridgid 2424. The other saw I was comparing it to was Craftsman 22849 from Sears. Both saw are almost identical. Both made by Emerson, both look the same, even had the same price ($599).

    Then I got my Sunday Paper today and Sears has their saw on sale for only $499. I called Home Dept and they said their saws don't ever really go on sale.

    This leads me to my questions.

    1) Does anyone know anywhere to get Ridgid saws for less than Home Depot (or are there any special rebates or anything)
    2) Does anyone know anyone that has the Craftsman 22849 to know if it's any good or not?

    I originally was going to get the 2424 this week but saving $100 is a lot of money. *sigh*


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    The Sears saw is not made by Emerson. We quit making tools for Sears just before we started the RIDGID line.



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      THat's interesting, I called them and they told me it was an Emerson saw. I know it's not a Ryobi. Hmm. Wonder who the heck makes it then.


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        Home Depot never ran sales here until competition started heating up between them and Lowe's. Now, they will occasionally run a "10% off everything in the store" sale. I purchased mine at Father's Day for 10% off. They usually run such sales at other major holidays such as towards Christmas too.

        I would pay the extra for the TS2424 with the unbeatable lifetime warranty. Sears will try to sell you a short warranty extension for more money but I didn't think it was that good of a warranty.


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          I wish we had a Lowe's or something around here (Milwaukee, WI). Oh well. I guess no sales for me. I'll try to con a manager into giving me a discount maybe. We'll see what happens. Heh heh.



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            Mike, Sears encoded the manufacturer as part of the full part number. A full part number is 3 digits, a period, and more digits after that. The 22849 you give is the end of the number. I would bet you that saw's number starts "315." or "316.", which is Ryobi (one is for stationary and one for handheld, and I don't remember which is which).

            If it were an Emerson saw, it would start with "113.", and the box would be very dusty from sitting around a warehouse so long.



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              I saw someone post a link to some chart with manufacturer's codes on it, but this wasn't on there. THe official model number from Sears' website is 00922849000. I don't think 009 was on the list I had a link to.


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                The "009" prefix is likely the department number, which is "Tools/Hardware". Sears assigns a number to each department and I know for a fact that "9" is "Tools/Hardware".


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                  To my knowledge, Sears never puts this "full" number in literature or on-line. It is on the data place attached to the machine.



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                    How many times do I have to say it?? BUY THE RIDGID!!!

                    Mike, I have several posts here, and more on Woodcraft's sight in regards to table saws so I will not repeat myself in length again on that subject, I will however ramble about why I no longer spend all my money at Sears. For years I bought only Craftsman tools nothing else. Sometime in the late 80's, early 90's Sears changed, customer service went out the door (thats my pet peave, there are others). The products also started changing some maybe for the better others????, I don't know. The one thing that I have always looked at and compared was the saws. I purchased mine in 1983, and up until Emerson quit making them there never was much of a change (I.E. I could never justify buying a new one just because it had more power or gadgits). My saw has served me well, and if I had to replace it today I'm 90% sure that I would buy the TS2424. The other 10% of me might consider more of a cabinet saw with a razoo fence, I have a Biesemeyer fence on my saw now that was the best investment I ever made. Lotsa luck in your choice, but I'd have a hard time buying Sears even if I could save $100.00. Dave
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