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Ridgid Miter Saw MS1290LZ - Accuracy???

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  • Ridgid Miter Saw MS1290LZ - Accuracy???

    I just purchase the ridgid miter saw ms1290LZ and the saw seems to have a lot of lateral play, as in you can move the saw from side to side about 1/16". I am worring that this is too much play. Is it and will it effect accuracy?

    Thanks for all comments!!

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    You shouldn't have that much play. The first thing I would check would be the bevel lock nut to be sure that it's good and tight. Then I'd check all the other nuts and bolts. If it still has some play in it, I'd return it for a replacement.
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      I have just purchased the MS1290LZ as well and just barely took it out of the box.

      Going through the set-up adjustments as instructed in the user manual I noticed something a little awry. It seems that somehow the face of the blade is not parallel to the sliding path of the power head.

      The blade can be set square to the table and fence, but the sliding motion is slightly askew. At the back/starting position (towards the fence) of the power head the blade is somewhat centered between the clearance inserts, but as it is drawn towards the front, the blade “pulls” to the left.

      Is there any adjustment for this?

      Also when the power head is pushed all the way down, the blade comes in contact with the inner channel of the table (at the front furthest end of the sliding motion). Is this normal or is there something wrong as I came across something in the manual stating that authorized service should be sought if this occurs.

      Thank you.