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Fairly new to woodworking

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  • Fairly new to woodworking

    I just purchased the Ridgid 3612 and the Ridgid jointer. It took me 2 days to assemble them and I must say that I am impressed with the quality of these tools. I plan on making lots of cabinets and I wonder what tools would be essential next. I am thinking a planner or a band saw.
    This forum is real cool.

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    For cabinet making, you will need a precission router table system and some good high quality bits. Plenty of clamps and a good set of cabinet makers rules...and lots of patients!
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      I would go for a quality router and table set up as well. I made the cabinets in my finished basement with a simple bench top router table, but it would have been a whole lot easier with the router table I built since (Norm's newer version). I would also suggest a good dado blade or pocket hole jig for making the face frames (half laps with dado or but joint with pocket screws).

      The planer is great if you are going to buy rough sawn wood (cheaper), but I am not sure where you would use the band saw in cabinet making unless you are making arched doors. Starting out, I wouldn't go there.

      One tip I have followed after seeing it in one of the wood mag's - finish the panel (stain & poly or whatever) before gluing up the door. I have lots of raised panel wooden doors in my house and they obviously did not do this. As the panel expands and contracts with moisture changes I can see the line where the finish stops.

      Good luck and have fun.


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        The one thing that works for me is to make a plywood cutting list.
        Andy B.


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          Thanks for your answers. I was thinking of the band saw to make arched tops but I will follow your advice and stick with straight lines for now. I just got a router (Dewalt, I heard good things about it).