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    Woodsmith Magazine has been taping their new TV show, "The Woodsmith Shop" and are shopping television stations for broadcast. They are currently on IPTV or Iowa Public Television. I am hoping they are coming to a channel in my neighborhood. Additional information can be found at:


    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this on the forum but I thought you might be interested in knowing that Wood Magazine has been posting Tips and Technique videos on their website:

    Unlike another magazine which requires membership in addition to their subscription rates to view videos, Wood Mag's videos are currently free of charge.

    "It's always something...That's how they getcha'..."

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    Re: New Woodworking TV Show


    Thanks for the post, I've known about the Wood Magazine site for awhile (just post another reference to it yesterday, BTW).

    It would be nice to see another related show though, like WoodSmith.

    The Woodworking Channel had some potential, but IMO has lapsed into apathy, as there has been a system error on the schedule for at least the last four months. I've E-mailed their "Help Desk" but they referred me to the two hosts and neither of them have ever responded.... the error has gone uncorrected. Worse perhaps, is that the same shows continue to be aired week after week and I have noted any updates. (But, I haven't paid it much attention in the last few weeks.)

    However, if you've found the Wood Magazine site interesting, you really ought to check out This is a fantastic site with new material added every week. Also they maintain an active archive, of all the Podcasts (30 to date), so you can view and/or download any of the shows. The host, Marc Spagnuolo, is a witty and talented host, and certainly a terrifically talented professional woodworker. Marc and his wife, does a great job producing his own content (his wife, handles the camera work and her work is quite professional). There's often a live cam when he's working in his shop, and he often hosts live chats. This site is a very current and entertaining program. His "Comments" column also gets a personal response, which is very enlightening. I'm sure most everyone will find "thewoodwhisperer" worth continued visits. So, check it out!



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      Re: New Woodworking TV Show

      Great Find CW!

      This has instantly become one of my new Favorites - Thanks. I've watched the Outfeed Table video as well as the David Marks interview. Found the interview hysterical as he started it out by asking David how long he had been a WoodWhisperer fan...

      I've watched the Woodworking Channel in the past and agree that site seems to currently be unmonitored - The schedule had been down the last time I visited.

      Once again, I appreciate the link.
      "It's always something...That's how they getcha'..."