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  • Staining Mahogany

    Ok Gentlemen, Im new at this woodworking thing but Im giving it a go. I came across some real nice Mahogany wood and Im building it into ice fishing tip-ups. The Mahogany is an extremely durable outdoor wood. These tip-ups will be subject to years of cold wet weather. Abused outdoors for severals hours then dropped in a garage till the next weekend. My question is whats the best type of finish I should apply to protect the wood? But in no means change the beautiful reddish tint it has.Heres a quick veiw of the wood in stage one...after being ripped on my table saw(ridgid)and sanded to a smooth finish.

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    HMMMMM...Maybe I brought my question to the wrong website,I was told this site was full of useful information. Sorry to trouble you all.


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      If you want to protect the wood then I would suggest marine varnish as this will protect the wood longer than anything else. If you take on this project again I would suggest using Ipe. This wood is about the most indestructable wood I have ever used without any finish.


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        Someone once spoke of this Ipe wood for a project like this but a friend had found a few strips of Mahogany lying around a decking job they had done and new I was looking for some nice stuff, so he grabbed the small strips. Not sure about Ipe and cost. Thank You Very Much.