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Small Tool Protection

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  • Small Tool Protection

    We all have some very nice/delicate/expensive tool that we would like to protect whether they're in a drawer or tool bag/box. I've been looking (Googling) for some kind of pouch or bag to protect a very nice Veritas marking gauge. It's about 7.5" long. Currently have it in a plastic Ziplock freezer bag. Anyone have sources for things like this? (Could be leather, canvas, cloth, ballistic nylon, Kevlar, bark or whatever)

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    Re: Small Tool Protection

    Seems to me you could very easily make your own pouch for it. Just take a cloth and sew a pocket and a lace onto it. Put the tool in the pocket, wrap the cloth around a couple times, and tie the lace.


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      Re: Small Tool Protection

      Make a small wood case out of 2 blocks. Route out the size and shape of the tool and line with felt. Hinge together.
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        Re: Small Tool Protection

        I made a box out of 3/4" mdf to protect mine. It served two purposes. First, it gave me a chance to practice making corner joinery on a piece that crudeness wouldn't matter and second, it gave me a protective piece that will withstand a drop from a 20 story building or a direct hit from a nuke.

        Have fun!

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          Re: Small Tool Protection

          You can purchase foam--not the insulation type but the grey foam used to line crates etc for shipping fragile articles etc. Cut a block larger than you need and using an "olfa knife" cut out a cavity for your tool. You can do this for any tool and if you want to keep them orderly--make a bunch of similar size blocks but for different tools.

          The material comes in various sizes and can be glued using contac cement