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Cutting one straight edge on table saw

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  • Cutting one straight edge on table saw

    Good day

    I wold like to share with you my method of cutting straight edge on the table saw.

    I used a little bit different method (to my knowledge) and I hope you will find helpful.

    On the first pic, Oak 1-1/4" thick, 126" long boards that I cut to 59" (2nd pic).


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    Re: Cutting one straight edge on table saw

    Other than screwing the handles to the guide board.....I, and many of those that I have worked with, have been doing that for years.


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      Re: Cutting one straight edge on table saw

      Thank you LONGHAIR

      As I said "to my knowledge" because, the usual way that I've seen it on books and the internet is, the board held on top of the sled with hold-down clamps as on the 3rd picture...



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        Re: Cutting one straight edge on table saw

        I like it with the board that I am actually cutting on the bottom because the piece that is being cut off does not "drop" since it is laying flat on the saw.

        The first time I ever saw someone cut a straight edge with another board, they did it with the cut-off on the top. It works....but I didn't like that idea of the piece dropping. So, I inverted the whole thing when I had to do it. I have since seen others do the same, not knowing where they learned it.


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          Re: Cutting one straight edge on table saw

          This post is copied from
          I believe this is an even better method for straightening stock
          The post was made by Duncan Cheslit upon hearing of the method used by Tod Evans
          Tod's Top Tip!

          The simplest ideas are often the best, and they don't come much simpler than Tod's method of putting a straight edge on a rough board which he outlined on another thread the other day.

          For those who missed it I have explained it in more detail here. I had 15 boards of oak to 'straightline' yesterday and what would have taken me a couple of hours was done in 30 minutes.

          Take an 8' length of MDF 6" wide and attach a cleat along one edge and across one end

          Then set the rough board on the table saw with any bow curving away from the fence in the middle

          Place the jig over the board with the long cleat towards the fence and the short cleat towards yourself

          Measure the shortest width of jig and board - this will be at one end

          Set the fence to the same measurement

          Rip away!

          The newly sawn edge will be perfectly straight

          Flip the board over, trim the other edge, et voila!
          A stack of perfectly straightedged boards

          I realise that I risk ridicule by revealing that I am the only person here not already to straightline their boards in this way, but I am so bowled over by the simplicity and accuracy of Tod's jig - I just have to share it!

          Thanks again, Tod.
          Thanks Duncan for demonstrating the method
          Cheers! - Jim
          All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Schopenhauer