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TS3650 220v Wiring

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  • TS3650 220v Wiring

    I recently purchased a TS3650 and wanted to wire it for 220. I think the instructions are find but what I didn't want to do was cut the end of the plug off. I'd rather run a new cord directly from the switch to the outlet. Looking for suggestions. I bought about 20' of 12/3 wire and have a 20amp circuit.

    I am also challenged because I don't know which side the white and black wires go on the plug I purchased. I'm gathering from what I've learned that they both carry power but wasn't really sure how I should connect them to the switch end. Any Suggestions? Any pictures of this kind of setup would be helpful as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: TS3650 220v Wiring

    The black and white wire can go on either terminal on the plug. Both carry power from a double breaker. Just make sure the ground wire is on the proper terminal.
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