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    Does anyone own an oneida DC? I was looking online at them ( and they are pretty pricey (about 800 bucks).

    Right now I only run some marginally messy tools (router table, CSMS, TS, ROS,etc) and my fat ridgid shop vac (with drywall bags and hepa 5 filter) combined with a fitted NIOSH half mask (single organic filter) does a nice job of keeping my lungs clean. I am in the process of aquiring a planer, and would like a jointer a little later. Obviously the SV cannot handle the amount of chips and fine dust spit out by the larger machines.

    I am ready to buy a dedciated unit (with ductwork), and wonder if I should just buy an oneida cyclone and skip the single stage DCs altogether. I have done a few forum searches and have read a hundred posts on this topic. My current shop is small (1 car garage) but will be at least 2 car in the future.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: oneida DC

    I have a single-stage Griz and it's just "okay." Much, much better than a shop vac, but I think if you're going to the trouble of duct work and really want a long-term solution to dust collection, then you're better off with a cyclone system -- and one that's big enough to suffer the friction loss from the duct work while serving multiple machines at the same time. Just my $0.02.



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      Re: oneida DC

      Oneida, Clearvue and Grizzly cyclones are all used by satisfied customers.