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    Hello All:

    I'm looking to purchase a benchtop drill press. I've considered the Sears models but I don't think I'm going to go with them. I went to Lowes to check out the Delta 12" model. I like the speed change dial on the front but I'm not sure about the 1/3 HP motor. I received the Grizzly catalogue a few days ago and I'm thinking about going with their 12" model - not really much difference in price. As you know, any problems with the Lowes purchase and they take it back. I've never bought something like this through mail order (on-line). Anyone have any thoughts on these models or any others, about Grizzly or buying on-line? Finally, does Ridgid make a benchtop drill press? I have'nt seen any at HD.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Bernie

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    Several years ago, I bought the 12" Delta Bench DP. I have used it a lot and have never regretted the choice. They have a new model out now, but the older version can still often be found at reduced prices.


    Mike Narges


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      I've heard good things about the Delta variable speed 12" and have heard that power isn't an issue for things you would expect a benchtop drill press to do. I have a floor model drill press so can't comment further.