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    Several months ago I saw a tool in the lowe's store just for installing door trim. It looks like a carpenders square but has a lip to press against the door jam and then the trim mold is placed against this to give you the correct setback. Would love to find this tool. Lowes no longer has it and couldn't give me any info. I think it may have been made by ridgid and retailed for around $25.00. I have to trim out all windows and doors after a fire and think this tool would be a time saver. Any help

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    You probably associate this tool with Ridgid because of the orange color, but it is made by Bench Dog Tools ( ). the name of the tool is TrimLoc and you can see more about it here.

    My local Lowes had them last I knew which was just before Christmas. Amazon and other online sellers have them too no doubt, but watch what you pay for this tool, as I have seen it priced anywhere from $9.99 to as high as $29.99.