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  • Rabbeting

    Can someone out there explain to me the correct way to rabbet a board using the JP 0610?

    Do you have to drop the infeed and outfeed table at the same time?

    The book's explanation is very vague.

    Please help!!!
    Thanh Rodke<br />Woodworker Stuck in a Computer Geek\'s Body...

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    Don't adjust the outfeed table. On the operator side of the outfeed table is a rabbeting ledge, that the board slides along.

    You slide the fence forward until it aligns with the rabbeting ledge. Remove the cutterhead guard (yikes!), lower the infeed table taking light passes.

    I don't like rabbeting on a jointer because the guard has to be removed. Whilst rabbeting it isn't much of a problem, but any time a guard is taken off, there's a possibility it won't be put back on.

    I don't think there is a problem with the RIDGID, but if you do this check that sliding the fence forward does not expose the rear of the cutterhead (from under the black sheet steel guard). Some jointers do, adding a whole new unexpected hazard.



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      I agree with Dave except for one tiny detail. DONT TAKE THE GUARD OFF. Mine works fine with the guard in place. There may be slight variations as the product evolves, and mine is relatively new, so Dave may have a slightly different unit.


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        Makes complete sense now.

        Swapping in between a regular blade and the dado is a serious nuisance.

        Having an alternative when needing to make one small rabbet is great!
        Thanh Rodke<br />Woodworker Stuck in a Computer Geek\'s Body...