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BS1400 Vibration issues

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  • BS1400 Vibration issues


    I have had the BS1400 bandsaw for about a year now, unfortunately I haven't used it very much and when I have I have not been very happy with the performance.

    I had originally set it up with all the recommended modifications I read on this site. Example: Kreg fence, link belt, cool blocks, plywood added to base on both lower shelf and top, changed the blade and even used a thicker rubber under the motor mounts.
    After all this I still have vibration issues.
    Also I had not used the saw for about 4 months, went to use it, tightened the blade tensioner, turned the saw on and the blade came off, reinstalled the blade, centered it on the tires and again it came off.
    Called Rigid and they said the tires were stretched and would send me a set.

    I have not installed the new tires but I doubt my vibration issues are the tires.
    I was wondering if it could be the wheels that are out on round and mentioned this to the customer rep, unfortunately I would have to haul this about 30 miles to an authorized repair center to look at it.

    What is the easiest way to tell if the wheels are out of round and can I adjust or fix this myself?

    I would appreciate any help.


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    Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

    Hello Doug
    I understand your frustration. Ridgid wanted me to lug my BS to my service center (60 miles one way) just so they could tell me the same thing Ialready know, THE WHEELS ARE OUT OT BALANCE! I got fed up with it and corrected it on my own. Yes, it is very time consuming but it worked for me. Here how I did it. Remove both wheels (upper and lower), a felt tip pen and arbors to fit the wheels. Mount the arbor for the corresponding wheel in a vise (make sure it is level as though it was on the BS) and mark a spot on the wheel, then see where it stops (if it stops on the same mark, then the wheel needs further balancing). To balance, use a 3/8 bit and SLOWLY remove little divits (you will see where Ridgid made a feeble attempt to do this) at a time and put back on arbor and continue the marking, drilling, spinning until the wheel stops at random points and not on one spot.
    It was very time consuming for me and after hours , I finally got both fully balanced and smooth running.
    Yes, I am sure the other mods you did are helpful, but until you get those wheels balanced, your saw will vibrate.
    Would I buy another Ridgid BS, absolutely not, but these mods will at least let you use the saw with get frustrated each time you turn it on.
    Hope you are successful. Ron
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      Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

      Thanks Ron, I appreciate this info.



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        Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

        I agree with Doug, Balance the wheels.
        Since you have the wheels off you should put on Urethane tires.
        I put a pair on my BS and it helped reduce the vibration.
        Here is the pair I bought:


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          Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

          You don't have to remove the wheels. Just remove the blade and the drive belt. Spin the wheels once and mark at top dead center. Spin again and see where the mark stops. If the mark always stops in the same place, drill your hole at the bottom center of the wheel. Continue untill it stops in random locations.
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            Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

            I recommended removing the wheels on my post because it it easier and much more acurate to drill using a drill press than a hand drill. Ron


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              Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

              I apologize for the duplication, I fairly new to this forum, I meant to place this inquiry here but by mistake placed it in the wrong subject heading. I guess it doesn’t matter, it will be found due to the subject. I’ll know better next time.

              Thanks for all your help it's much appreciated.



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                Re: BS1400 Vibration issues


                Thanks Rafael

                I hadn't seen this before, changing to Urethane tires. Is this something that is a common mod for this bandsaw and does it actual help the vibration or is this more for blade tracking?

                Please give me any additional feedback,



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                  Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

                  Urethane will last years longer than the stock rubber tire. I've never had a rubber tire last more than a year. Changing tires is a pain, the less often you have to do it the better.
                  I cant tell how much they effect vibration, some folks said it reduces vibration.
                  Tires will get grooves from the blade over time, this will effect tracking. I've had urethane tires on my current BS for about 3 years. They look new, there are no grooves from the blade. IMO, urethane tires are a cheap upgrade that adds more than it's cost to your saw.
                  Lots of people complain about the ridgiid BS. I've added a riser, urethane tires and tuned it well. The only complaint I have is it is underpowered. If I feed it slowly I dont even have any drift.


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                    Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

                    Thanks for the info, this sounds like a upgrade worth the money.

                    Take care,


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                      Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

                      So, I was another fairly unhappy BS1400 user up until tonight.

                      I replaced the tires a long time ago with urethane tires. And I tried my mightiest to get the wheels lined up and the blade centered. And I added a Kreg bandsaw fence. That was the extent of my efforts and frankly the results SUCKED. The "drift" was about 1" per foot sawed.. just terrible!

                      Well, I usually keep it in the corner and just run a few pen blanks through it to cut them to size.... I'd about given up on any resawing possibilities, or actually using it for anything 'real. But, I had to pull it out to cut out a shload of hardboard templates and what-not for my sister-in-law's architecture project.

                      Since it was out, I figured I'd finally install the new blade I got.. ohh, about a year ago... the cool blocks.. and actually align the wheels, as well as install the link belt I received a month ago. I also checked the wheel balance and it was off but so slightly I didn't bother fixing it (it always settled on the same spot, but it took a LONG time to settle in, even after it stopped making full rotations).

                      Well, wow. The different is like night and day. I installed a Viking 1/2" blade, the linkbelt, and actually got the wheels lined up perfectly coplaner (thankfully no shims needed) and it has ZERO drift. I mean it. The Kreg fence is lined up with the miter slit / table edge and it cuts a straight line perfectly parallel. My jaw just about dropped. I made a 2" fence-guided cut and measured the two ends with calipers. The trailing end was less than 1/64 different.

                      So then I put a 1x6 I had laying around through it to test resawing... it actually worked! The sawed face would need some cleanup, of course, but it resawed and it didn't totally suck!!!

                      My opinion of this bandsaw transformed tonight. For anyone else seeking improvement in their BS1400, here's the list I garnered from many other posts, and some of them I implemented:
                      - Link belt
                      - Urethane tires
                      - Quality blade (Timberwolf, Viking, etc)
                      - Wheel alignment
                      - Wheel balance
                      - Proper guide blocks and thrust bearing setup

                      I recently ordered a vibration mat that I planned to install under the bandsaw with 3/4" plywood... maybe more news on that someday..


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                        Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

                        Originally posted by Wood_Junkie View Post
                        My jaw just about dropped. I made a 2" fence-guided cut and measured the two ends with calipers. The trailing end was less than 1/64 different..
                        Reviving an old post, yes but most important, reviving an old Bandsaw! I too am picking my jaw up off the floor. I just installed a Grizzly Riser and a Laguna Resaw King blade.

                        There is no more drift, got 16 sheets of veneer from a 6/4 stock. there was no need to plane the stock between passes, the Resaw King left no teeth marks a light sanding wont eliminate.

                        It is an expensive upgrade for a Laguna Resaw King, for sure! I entered RKWOODNET in the promo code field and got a 25% discount. That made it more reasonable. Considering how much we pay for router bits and circular saw blades, not to mention planer knives, I don't regret this upgrade one bit.

                        There is just one more improvement I need to do, that is to make the wheels co-planer. The current offset is causing the blade to start cutting from the bottom, at the table, before it cuts at the top, by the blade guide, ever so slightly!
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                          Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

                          just to add to this post..

                          the other day my top wheels tire fell off.

                          so i did a search and found it to be a rather common problem. i ordered a set of urathane tires and swapped them on. it was a lot easier then most people make it sound. didnt have to remove the wheels, i just used some spring clamps and a wooden dowel and stretched them over the wheels

                          anyways while i was at it i decided to balance the wheels. i didnt drill holes on mine i used 2 sided tape and taped pennys on the tape as weights then when the wheels were balanced i covered the pennies with more double stick tape to keep them on. so far so good

                          i still have some vibration but looking at the stock belt i can pretty much see where its coming from. next up is some link belt and hopefully she will run smooth then


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                            Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

                            I would suggest checking the driven pulley also. On my BS14000, the driven pulley outside diameter was not concentric with the hole for the shaft. I ended up replacing it with a new steel pulley from Grizzly. After doing what you did and changing the driven pulley and installing a link belt, I was able to reduce the vibration to the point that the saw would pass the nickel test. Actually posted some pictures a while back showing the saw running and a nickle standing on end in both planes.

                            I don’t want to hijack this thread but does anybody know of an aftermarket upper and lower roller guide assy. that will fit this saw?


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                              Re: BS1400 Vibration issues

                              Wheels out of balance probably you need to get them free-wheeling use a sharpie and find the heavey side. usualy stops at the bottom.