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    We landed a very large contract today for major renovation on a resort lodge and library addition which is great - next 4-5 months on calendar is all blocked out [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Getting everything else done that already scheduled will be major PITA tho but it'll work out somehow.

    I'll end up doing most of cabinet work here and some loose ends and finish on site requiring one of our 3650's to leave shop indefinetly. Now the so-called gloat I guess.....pulling plug on the 1023 CS on Monday and ordering. I've always somewhat wanted one but never felt I needed one. Now I can say I do - need another saw anyway. Decided to get what I really want and this is it.

    Someone here-I hope it was anyway after having spent last 3 hours searching everywhere else to no avail, has this saw w/ 7' rails and had ordered the Shop Fox mobile base(s) for it and was less than satisfied and ordered a different one (HTC?) and also ended up even more disatisfied - not sure what was final one you used. While the need to move often will not be the norm there will be times this needs to be done and it's going to be a very big heavy thing to swing around shop. Want the best I can find and prefer not to have to lift it up to mount more than I have to and not "experiment"
    My shop floor is concrete and smooth so not problem but does have a slight slope of about 1/48 in event of the flood of the century. No joke - many lost a lot of things in '96. No desire to join them.
    As best I remember you had wooden planked flooring similar to a T&G with minor gapping and felt wheels caught on the SF to much - planning to do overlay here with wood in future (feet/back issues) and same issues maybe the case.
    I sure hope to hear what one you ended up using and save me some back pain!
    Thanks for input and advice

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    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em

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    Oooh a cabinet saw! You've arrived Cranky! Let us know how it all goes.


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      Originally posted by hewood:
      Oooh a cabinet saw! You've arrived Cranky! Let us know how it all goes.
      Hate the "arrived" thing ..... old cuss and hate to become part of any "culture" but the Rebel type

      Okay - I will rephrase this ----- mobile base needed for my soon to have direct drive Craftsman ts. Better

      Not a taker yet on the base question - does anyone recall seeing this question on this forum or elsewhere in past????

      I double checked the FWW Tools and Shop issue that reviewed these things and they referneced the HTCHRBS-14 as top dog but soft wheels eat all and things get embedded in them.

      Shop Fox was ho-hum---128 parts! General 50-025 was best in price range and would likely be good choice but the dang wheels hang out pretty far by pictures. So do the things on the HTC for that matter. I'd assume Griz would be using the SF for reason but it's that one size fits all thing. And guy who posted wasn't happy will thing on his particular floor. Ain't this a stitch-decide to do it and now hung up on a base

      Dang-wished I could locate thread. Guess I'll just wait and see if someone puts up reply before tomorrow.

      Cold here - you all freezing too?
      Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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        I believe that this is called a pretty serious upgrade in context of the English Language! When is the big date of delivery?
        Lucky Devil - and Serious Gloat at that. [img]smile.gif[/img]

        I am nicely warm BTW - is there really a reason to endure that Winter White?

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          Originally posted by ChipMaker:
          I am nicely warm BTW - is there really a reason to endure that Winter White?
          Let's see - Winter White vs mudslides, forest fires, earthquakes and Ahnold?
          I guess it's really not all that cold after all. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
          "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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            Lorax, don't forget season changes keeps away the scropions, black widows, rattle snakes, etc.
            Will not part with Michigan Weather, I like frequent changes! To note, my shop was a storage barn, for some funny car fast sleds. (before health problems) It's amazing how much traction you get with something 1/5 the weight of your truck, but slightly higher snow. Oh, lets not forget the 200 HP sky boat!
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