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  • Just bought it!!!

    Hi all. Well I just bought my first Ridgid drill. The 12 volt XR. This thing has got 395 lbs. of torque which is great for all the jobs I'll use it for. I had purchased the 3 peice 18 volt combo kit with the Hammer Drill but the drill wasn't self ratcheting for me so I had to return it. I went with the 12 volt XR which is really all I'll need for the tough jobs. It has more than enough power and besides I really didn't want the Flashlight anyway. I only wanted a hammer drill and a circ. saw that was corded. I couldn't get them at the same time in the combo kit so I got the 12 volt XR and in January I'll get the 71/4" circular saw. I think that all will work out pretty good with this product and I'm not worried about the warranty problems. I can't be bothered wasting my life about warranty problems when all I will do when the drill starts giving me problems is just get another one brand new because the HD down here will honour that. I spoke with the manager at length and told him that if I have any problems with this drill then I'll be bringing it back for a new one, not a repair order but a new drill and he said no problem.

    I'll let everyone know how it goes.

    Thanks and sorry I haven't posted for a while.

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    Glad for you. Got the 12v XR version for Christmas and so far my only complaint is the noise teh clutch makes in drill mode when you let off the trigger. I guess it's normal, and if not, I really don't care because it's under warranty. battery packs last a while too.


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      Yep, bought the same 2 weeks ago..The noise stopped bothering me. I really dont think I hear it now.

      12V X2 ws enough for me.. Those higher voltages are haevier.

      Since then, picked at Orbital Sander, and got the circular saw for Christmas!


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        Good stuff guys. Yeah I can't wait to pick up the circ. saw and then I can do some real cutting and building. Should be nice to see what I can do. I got a dremel as well from my girlfriend as well so that rocks. I can't wait to see what I can do with it all. I'll keep you posted.