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    I would like to extend a big thanks to all who provided suggestions for improving my BS1400. I appreciate the suggestions on the Fast Track fence. Installed it and love it. Also for the Linkbelt. I finished putting the fence, link belt and new blade on and it is an entirely new bandsaw. And with the 1hp motor I got in a little trade I am estatic. The thing passes the nickel test on STARTUP and shutdown as well as while running and cuts like a charm.

    I do have one suggestion though that I found helped as well. I went to Atwoods (local farm and ranch store) to pick up some heavy stall mats for the horse trailer and decided to get an extra to play with. We use them at work in the gym in the free weights area and they are great for cushioning so I thought them might be good for vibration control as well. I picked one up for the shop and cut a mat for my BS about 2" wider thant the leg footprint. With the help of my two sons we centered the bandsaw onto the mat. I also like many, did not like the cheap rubber washers that came for the motor mount. I cut a piece the size of the mounting plate on the motor, drilled holes in the right spots and reinstalled the motor with this instead of the rubber bushings. Really locks that motor into place with a cushion under the entire mounting plate and there is no movement in the motor. Seems to have added a little stiffness to the mounting area of the base as well. Just a thought for those who are having a little vibration problem. Of course there is not portability with this setup.
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