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castor and legset jiving?

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  • castor and legset jiving?

    Will the AC1050 castor set fit under the AC9910 legset under my thickness planer?

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    It will fit in all but a couple of the shortest configurations. There are no instructions for putting the caster platform on the legset, so you will have to find the correct set of holes on the castor platform to get it to fit. The bridge piece that’s in the center of the caster platform may have to be off set to get it to fit. My suggestion is to take the assembled legset and measure from hole to hole on the bottom of the leg. Then set the castor platform up on a workbench and find the right configuration. If the caster platform is within a 1/4" of fitting it may be necessary to loosen to bolts on the legset to get it to fit.