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Bathroom cabinet design and implementation recommendation

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  • Bathroom cabinet design and implementation recommendation


    My wife wants me to build some custom cabinets to accommodate some sinks that are 13" in diameter and 6" deep. She wants these units to be wall mountable and be able to hide the plumbing (p-trap, etc). We will be placing a pretty heavy 5' x 22" slab of granite as the vanity counter top.

    The top cabinets are wall mounted and is composed of 3 sections of 20" wide x 6" deep cabinets (used as medicine cabinets). The two side cabinets have doors mounted on the doors (probably glued?)

    My question is, based on the design of 10" drawers, can the ptrap be concealed given that the sink is about 6" deep?

    Also, what is the best method to securely mount these cabinets.

    She have also requested for a "u-shaped" drawer, so that she can still try to use the space around the sink and plumbing to store stuff like toilet papers, etc...

    - J
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