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JP610 infeed/outfeed table alignment

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  • JP610 infeed/outfeed table alignment

    Hey guys. Long time reader, first time poster. First off, I've had the TS3612 since Christmas and have been more than happy with it. My problem is with the setup of the JP610. The infeed and outfeed table don't seem to be coplanar in relation to the fence. For example, if I setup the fence to be exactly 90 degrees with the infeed table, the outfeed table is a hair off. I'm going to try to double check to make sure that there is an alignment problem with the tables and that there isn't a twist in the fence. Are there adjustments that can be made to the tables to correct them if in fact they are not coplanar? Or is this something that should be right on from the factory and be a replacement issue? Thanks for any info.

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    There is no real adjustment that can be made to the tables. You can fool around with the gib screws and add shims if needed but it's not easy. However, if it is only a "hair off" I have a couple of suggestions. First, as you already indicated get a good straight edge and check the fence. That's the easiest thing to replace if necessary. Second, a old trick is to set the fence ninety degrees to the outfeed(rear) table. The rear table is what "guides" the workpiece and ensures a square cut. When using the jointer pressure should but put down on the workpiece against the rear table and against the fence. These are the guiding surfaces. Try this procedure and then check you edges to see if they are straight and square. Good luck!


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      I checked the two tables last night with a dial indicator and they are dead-on, so I now believe their is a slight twist to the fence. I'll have to double-check that now with a known straight edge. All I had last night was an aluminum carpenters square. When I say "a hair off", it's probably a good 1-deg between the measurement between one side of the fence and the other. Is this a real problem? I'll try what you suggested, bdueker. Thanks.