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    Look through this site and try, just try to find out information on woodworking tools! Specifically the 3612, I tried every link they show and it is for hats or plumbing tools etc? I get the same runaround from home depot...I am just about to go buy Grizzly, this stuff just isn't worth the hassle!
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    Try this link for the 3612.

    This one should get you the other tools.

    Edit: I just thought I should add that I've been very pleased with my 3612. You can get the manual from the first link I gave you, if you want to check it out in-depth.

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      I am very happy with my TS3612. It is a very well made tool and performs extremely well. It is a good value at about $600 but if you can afford $850 to $900 look at the Grizzly cabinet saws.


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        Just my 2 cents. Stay away from "GREEN"!
        Not only for my dislike for the color, but for other reasons as well.
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