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  • table saw

    looking for a tenning jig that will fit the ridgid table saw bought it 4 years ago
    have tryed shop fox and several other and can not get them to 0 out

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    Re: table saw

    This is the one I use.
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      Re: table saw

      Here's another one -> (on sale too)
      Cheers! - Jim
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        Re: table saw

        Why don't you just make one? A couple pieces of MDF, some glue and a clamp work wonders.


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          Re: table saw

          Before I bought the tennoning jig from Woodcraft that jbergrestrom suggested I had a shop made one like cephus suggested. I couldn't get my tennoning jig to zero out on my 3650 either. This was a couple years ago, but, as I recall, I called the manufacturer and was told the jig would not zero on the 3650. I cut a few tennons with it and now it sits in the corner collecting dust. When I cut tennons on my table saw I use my old shopmade jig with a couple clamps and it still works great. Lately though I have been using my Dowelmax. It is much faster than cutting mortise and tennons but it does have limitations. I certainly wouldn't use it to make an exterior door, I am afraid the joints would fail prematurely.



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            Re: table saw

            Exactly. While I have nothing whatsoever against commercial jigs, it just seems like there are a lot of people out there who have a lot more dollars than sense, at least in the belief that everything out there has to be store-bought to be useful.

            We're supposed to be woodworkers, why is it so hard to actually... work with wood?