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    I have noticed some similarities between some of Sears professional tools and Dewalt tools. Does Dewalt make tools for Sears?

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    yeah dewalt(black&decker) ryobi emerson(ridgid) and probably several others with sears you never know just what your getting


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      Used to be Emerson, Now it's just the others
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        You'd be surprised to know how many people make their tools. There appears to be a alot of similarities in the 2424 and their newest TS from Sears (it looks very similar), but the TS is made by Ryobi to their standards. Chances are it's not made by DW, even if it looks the same. Take a look at the 12" SCMS....resembles a Delta 10" doesn't it? It's not made by also resembles a General and the differences are very few.

        There's a code sheet that tells who makes Sears stuff and it's a mile long. I'll bet someone has a link to it....
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          I have a 6.5 amp sawsall that seems identical to the Dewalt saw. I also realized that one of their professional jigsaws is a Bosch.


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            I'm sure that this will be no surprise to some, but I just wanted to include a funny story about other products as well.

            a company that I used to work for, (MTD) had several assembly lines in the Cleveland area. I worked on a Chipper/Shredder line and was really surprised when I learned what we made. Every few days, the paint color would change and a new product line would go out. I eventually learned that we made equipment for... Sears/Craftsman, Cub Cadet, White Outdoor Power, MTD brand, and one other that had a cool green paint job. All the chippers were built exactly alike, with the exeption of the White line. (They had sharper blades installed) I also learned that they did this with lawnmowers too.

            The lesson: many times, if you do enough research, you can get the same exact thing you were looking for without paying all the extra $$$ for a certain brand name.


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              Kelly is right---there should be a link around for the catalog number prefix codes----however, don't let someone fool you with name dropping, like Delta and DeWalt---the lion's share is made by Ryobi, which, from my own experience, I would not classify as "top of the line."

              Frankly, I don't think Sears "Professional" line means much, as to quality. My wife got me one of their "Professional" right angle drills for Christmas. The gearing, at the right angle, is extremely noisy and for some reason, they have all these warnings, in the instruction manual, not to use large bit, hole saws, etc. ----have never seen that before---don't know if this is a safety issue or they're trying to protect a fragile construction of the tool.

              Anyway, I'm going to keep it and see how it goes. I know my wife went through a lot of work to get it, so I don't want to be snobish. Also, for a change, their price was in the ballpark of other right-angle drills. Besides, I asked Santa for it, since I'd only be using it occassionally, so hopefully it will hold up.


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                Dave, right angle drills usually include such disclaimers because of their nasty behavior on a catch. Typical injury on a high-power right angle is a broken wrist. I don't know if Milwaukee includes the same disclaimer, but they ought to.

                Re: Emerson and Sears. I believe the Craftsman vacuums are still ETC, aren't they?

                Y'all also should be careful not to make the assumption that a tool is identical to the branded version. I've been told that one of the tools DeWalt supplies has bushings in the Craftsman version, where the yellow one has ball bearings.



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                  Here is the link. I don't know how current the list is though;
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