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  • saw dust for brains

    I am having trouble joining a piece of wood to a right angle |_ (I want to make the hypotenuse fit perfectly flush with each of the other members).

    My measurements/calculations told me that to have a 5" width of board(length of the hypotenuse) be 2.5" away from the verticle member.. I needed a 30 degree angle at the top and a 60 degree angle at the base
    |\ (that angle needs to be 30)

    _\ (this angle needs to be 60)

    my question do I get a 60 degree angle(after I have put a 30 degree on the opposite edge)?!

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    I believe if you cut your 30 degree angle from an existing 90 degree (square) your scrap is a 60 degree angle.


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      true, the scrap is at 60 degrees....but i am not interested in the scrap having 60 degrees. I want to put a 60 degree angle on my stock