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  • Deluxe 10" Table Saw

    Workbench magazine downgraded the saw for not having a blade height lock. Has anyone had any problems controlling depth of cut for dadoes or other cuts?

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    I am in the market for a new table saw. Every table saw I have ever used has had a locking depth of cut adjustment. Today as I was inspecting it at Home Depot, I noticed that the Ridgid did not have this feature. I have the same question that Benn has.

    Has anyone had trouble with the lack of a lock on the depth of cut adjustment on the Ridgid 10" table saw?


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      Though I can’t speak for those who own a RIDGID table saw, what I can tell you is that I don’t think you will ever have a problem with the blade height dropping. Two reasons: 1. The blade height mechanism is a worm drive type gear arrangement. Power can only be transferred one way through the system. The blade cannot put downward pressure on the crank and cause it to turn. 2. The elevation crank shaft has 2 o-rings that fit inside the cast housing to put resistance on the crank. Between these two features an elevation lock is not necessary. I hope that answers you question. Anyone else who has had experience with the RIDGID table saw feel free to post here.