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Positive experience at a Home Depot

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  • Positive experience at a Home Depot

    This past weekend I was in Harrisonburg VA visiting my folks. One of the pleasant surprises was a brand new Home Depot, complete with a well stocked and very nicely laid out tool crib. Gone were the crowded aisles and uninterested clerk with the cash register right at the power tool section. (useful for speedy checkouts of small purchases back home in NY, but otherwise not used often).
    In VA the Tools were located in well lit, wide aisles, not a cul de sac with a guard at the front of it. The tools were assembled properly, with one very minor issue on the 3612 which I was looking at. The front rail was slid to the left, so that 'zero' didn't register at the saw blade. A very Minor occurance, no doubt caused by someone investigating the t-track mounted rail.
    With all of the furor about the whole OEM sourcing debate, I'll admit that I've had second thoughts about my purchase plans for a TS. I was pretty well set on the 3612 prior to the shakeup. I'm still not 100% ready to buy ANY saw, having gone back to comparison shopping. The 3612 with its safety features is a strong contender. BuDgetary contstraints after a string of major vehicle repairs pretty well pushed back my plan to buy a saw in June. It is looking more like August at this point, barring a lottery windfall.

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    you wont find a better saw for the money. even if emerson no longer makes the ridgid tools, you will likely get a saw made by them. if will get a saw that is made to the ridgid standards, and as long as they are made to ridgid's current standards, the mfgr doesnt matter



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      Yes, the saw is a good deal for the money. The only problem that I've had (and it seems to be a common problem) is that one of the extension wings was out of square. I do not regret purchasing the saw one bit.


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        Can you tell if the a extension wing is out of square before assembling the saw?


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          Yes, just take a framing square, or a setup square and check the corners. It may not even be a big deal if the out of square portion is at the back as the shims supplied will work fine. if the part that is out of square is at the front, then you'll need to replace as the fence needs to sit perfectly flat against the table.