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stains on saw table and extensions

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  • stains on saw table and extensions

    I just assembled my new TS3650. The brown paper that covered the cast iron surfaces had some holes in it. Wherever there was a hole, I have a brown stain in the milled surfaces. I've tried Goof Off, general degreasers and steel wool. No luck. Anybody know hwat I can use to take this stuff off? Can I trey wet sanding?

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    That stain would be called rust. What you want to do is get a scotchbrite pad and some WD-40. Spray the WD-40 on the surface and slowly work out the rust. Once it's all gone, apply a protectant made for woodworking, or some good silicone free paste wax.

    If the rust is stubborn, you can put your random orbit sander on the scotchbrite pad for a little extra ebow grease. Since the top on the 3650 is polished pretty good, I wouldn't recommend sanding with sandpaper. (I use sandpaper on my 3612, but only because it didn't have a polished surface and I have made it much smoother through sanding.)


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      try using WD40 as the lube for the wet sanding. If that does not work ( it really should ) you will need to get a rust remover like Boshield


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        Either of the above suggestions is good. What I try on light rust is sanding with mineral spirits and a maroon colored synthetic sanding pad. If that doesn't work, I go to Boeshield Rust and Stain Remover with the maroon sanding pad. With enough sanding, I've always been able to remove rust with the Boeshield (if you go this route, make sure you get the Rust and Strain Remover because Boeshield makes other things, such as T-9 Rust Protector, or something like that.) After you remove the rust, you need to use something like Top Coat, T-9, or some other rust protectorant.