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  • BS1400 hippity hop hpity hop

    I just bought my new BS1400 and ????????????

    I set it up and started to make all of the adjustments and found a few problems.

    1. Lots of vibration (not good ones either)
    a. The top of the stand is too thin and the saw is able to rotate towards the motor 1/8". They need to thicken the top. Has anyone tried added a plate or wood to the top to strengthen it?
    b. The motor pulley is not perpendicular to the shaft. I could have a bent shaft or pulley. I will get it replaced. I will also invest in those fancy link belts, it should help some
    c. I removed the blade and most of the vibrations disappeared. So most of it is coming from the saw. After spinning the top and bottom wheels I noticed that the wheels were round but the tires changed in thickness by 1/32. If the high spots opposed each other during the their rotations the vibration was worse. You can stretch the tires and move the high spot around which means under load the high spot may move.

    2. Cheap blade. It was dull after the second cut.

    I have dropped the saw off at an authorized service center to have them take a look at it. I am not holding out any hope. When I got it there, the guy at the shop said, "I've never seen one of these". That did not make me feel good. He is looking into getting me a new saw.

    I will update you on the repair shops findings.

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    If you bought it in the last 90 days, and it sounds like you did, you can take it back to HD and get a new one or get your money back and try a different brand. No need to wait for repairs, especially from someone who "never saw one of these".
    "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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      This may not be it but I had a similar shake and it was the motor pulley.
      It was drilled about 1/16 off center and caused some serious shake transfered through the bealt.


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        Ridgid asked me to return it to the store. I got a new one and it is worse??!?!?!!

        I am going to ask for the location Ridgid rep to come and look at it.

        We will see what happens???


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          Just order a Grzzly unit for the same price. I have the BS1400 and like it, but you shouldn't have to be spending valueable shop time sorting out problems and waiting for service.