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Any ideas on making a 600+ lbs item occasionally mobile

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  • Any ideas on making a 600+ lbs item occasionally mobile

    Hi All,

    As many of you are aware, I'm making a stand for a 46 gallon aquarium. This stand supports a 500+ lbs aquarium plus the weight of the stand itself bring the total weight to 600+lbs.

    I'm looking for a way to be able to move it around occasionally. Are there any devices like the Ridgid Herculift available for something this heavy?

    The key here is it has to be temporary. Standard casters won't work cause too much weight will be on each caster and I'm afraid of it punching through my appt. floor.

    Somehow the wheels need to be able to move out of the way and allow the full weight to be distributed evenly along the whole bottom of the stand.



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    Bubba, I hate to be a spoilsport but I think you are looking for trouble if you try to move this thing. As I recall, water weighs around 8-9 pounds per gallon, so you are correct on the weight. If you were to try to lift one corner of the tank at a time I think you run a real risk of rupturing the tank---lots of stress on this puppy. It would also take one heck of a Herculift to lift this whole dude all at once. I'm trying to envision 46 gallons of water coming down through your downstairs' neighbor's ceiling. If it were me I think I would plan on planting this thing in a "permanent" location.


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      Actually, I'm fortunate that I live in a triplex appt and I don't have a downstairs neighbot.

      Regarding the unit... I agree with you. Instead, perhaps I can figure out a way to move it with just the tank & accessories on top but sans water... max weight i would guess to be at 150-200lbs. Again, this would have to be a removable solution to allow the full (water filled) unit to evenly distribute its weight across the whole base rather than on casters.

      One idea I have since this will be sitting in a carpeted room, is to use those felt covered pads, or smooth steel footings to allow it to easily slide on carpet...

      Any ideas on this option? Any other ideas?

      Thanks again.



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        Trying to remember where I saw these things (I'm thinking HD),but they are HDPE/plasticky type things and are made for slipping under refrigerators and such. They are slicker than goose-grease (everybody knows how slick that is) You can slide heavy stuff with them. Not a very good description, but I'm trying. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          Hergy, I think you are describing a "furniture glide". You know, with that sticky-tape-mounted-to-UHMW-Poly stuff that Woodcraft (and undoubtedly everyone else) sells, you could make some big 'uns pretty easy.