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Cutting frame members to 45°

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  • Cutting frame members to 45°

    Good day

    I would like to share with you a different way of cutting 45* frame members.

    Instead of messing-up with angles and protractors, I'm using a big, dedicated triangle.

    I'm using different "stop" method, instead of clamping the stop 15 feet (just joking) behind the sled, I'm positioning the stop on the front. That way, I don't need any extensions running back of the triangle.

    The cutting method is “Left” and “Right” to overcome any very small deviations from 45° and 90°.

    One important point.
    I'm cutting the frame members to “final dimensions”, before cutting the 45°.

    As you will see on the pictures, the triangle vertex is positioned at the center of the kerf, which means that, every cut will shorten the member by ½ a kerf width and, because we are cutting each member from both sides, each member will be shortened by 1 kerf width.
    Or in simple words;
    If you are using a 1/8" kerf blade, add 1/8" to the “final dimensions” to get your planned dimensions after cutting.

    On the two last pics, you can see the improved sled with a plywood triangle that I copied from the plastic one

    And the rest of the story, is on the pictures.


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    Re: Cutting frame members to 45°

    I have something similar but nowhere near as elaborate. I really enjoy you picture threads. Please keep them coming. I am curious about your layout method, could you explain further? I've always used the same same letter on each boardthat makes a corner. You appear to have a different method.
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      Re: Cutting frame members to 45°

      Thank you Gear Junkie

      Actually, the numbers 1,2,3,4 does not have any meaning except matching the wood pattern of the members, that you can change latter (I mean after cutting the 45°)

      The most important is the L and R. You can mark them as you like as long as every corner has L and R.

      One member can be marked even with L on both edges or, R on both edges



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        Re: Cutting frame members to 45°

        Good idea,

        By the way, I too enjoy your detailed post of various jigs and fixtures. Keep em coming.