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    I bought the Ridgid 13" planer over the weekend.

    Before choosing ridgid I had read a lot about snipe and things like that. Well... Today I used it and had no problem with snipe. Probably because I was being a wuss and taking off very little at a time.

    However, I did notice that when I ran the wood through the right side of the planer bed I got some "chopping" on the surface. Now, I was going from 3/4" to 3/8" in thickness. And I did put it close to max. for the cut at one point. But... I did not do it on the left side that I can recall. As I was going through the planing process I was alternating sides so I did not wear out the blades. But by the end of the end of the process I was only using the left side since the right side seemed to be leaving weird marks.

    Is this normal? Did I damange the blades on that side? Or was I just taking too much?

    Any ideas?

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    Were you feeding the same end of the board through each time or did you inadvertently flip it end for end? If you feed opposite the grain direction, you will have a rough finish, sort of "Choppy" as you describe. Knots in the wood will also cause this effect where the grain direction reverses.

    If you think the blades might be damaged, remove them and inspect. They should not be damaged by only a few passes, but that's not to say they weren't bad when you got them. If you notice damage, I'd flip them around, finish the work you need to get done and return them under warranty for a replacement set.

    1/8 is a lot to bite off at once if your looking for a smooth finish. I'd dial it back to 1/32 for the final pass.

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      For the most part I was doing 1/32" or less. I just hit the big chunk once to see how it would behave. It handled it fine... Just left some nastiness on the board.

      I am not sure if I flipped the grain or not... Good pointer though. I was so giddy at how well it was working I may have done something silly like that. =)


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        Doctorew: It sounds like your Cutterhead is out of parallel. I had a similar problem, finally I set my Cutterhead to within .001" before I got good quality lumber from my Ridgid Planer. The best ting you could do is get in touch with Ridgid's service department and see if they can tell you how to correct this. I corrected my Planer but it would have been a lot of help if someone would have told me how in the first place.


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          Inspect the blades to see if you put a small chip in one. I've done this before and all you have to do is simply realign the blades a bit. It's a good idea to brush the grit of the boards before you run them over the jointer or through the planer. This grit will dull the blades and in some cases chip them.

          Also, the idea of keeping the cut to less than 1/32" is a good one, and go even finer as you approach the final passes. This also keeps the blades from dulling as quickly and gives you better finished results because the blades are sharper and there is less tear out.