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  • Table Saw?

    What would you guys suggest for a table saw?
    I have a small shop. I am looking into carpentry for a future job, so would you guys suggest portable models? What brand would you buy?
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    What brand? ...wonder what the responses will be? (welcome to the Ridgid site)

    What price range you looking at Buctooth? The portables definitely save space and can be stowed away, but don't offer any other advantages over a decent contractor saw. Do you need to be able to put the saw in storage or are you able to just move it out of the way? If it's just a matter of mobility, a full size saw will offer a quieter motor, better drive system, usually a better fence, wider and deeper table surface, more mass, typically better performance and longer service.

    Sears and Hitachi both make a full size contractor type saw with the motor mounted internally that takes up less space. Neither has a great fence until you get into the Sears 22124, but that one is even bigger than standard models.

    The Ridgid 2400 portable gets good marks, as does the Sears $399 portable.


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      I looked at both the Ridgid TS2400 and the sears portable and choose the 2400 for several reasons. The fence on the 2400 is much more substancial with a nice smooth track and a positive stop. In addition to the fence take a look at the folding stand on both. I transport the 2400 everyday and it is a snap to set up. If you need a portable I don't think you will go wrong with the 2400.
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